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Simon Solar is proud to establish the Sunray Foundation.   The foundation is named in honor of Dr. Wray Ivey of Atlanta, GA (1936-1998).  Wray and Glenda Ivey devoted their lives first to their own 3 children/8 grandchildren and then in service to help improve the lives of many other children across the state of Georgia.  Their efforts at the GA Baptist Children's Home lasted many years where they worked to help improve the lives of many children.

The first project Simon Solar has begun giving financial assistance is as a sponsor at The Grace House in Moldova. 

Every year, hundreds of 16 year old orphaned and abandoned girls graduate from state-run boarding schools spread out

across the country of Moldova. These girls have no foundation or core strengths and at 16 are left alone to make it in an impoverished nation. They’ve not been given the opportunity to make decisions for themselves, so they haven’t learned

how to make good choices.They have no family to encourage them in their future studies, vocational choices

and personal values. They are defenseless, anonymous, naïve and easy, natural prey of human traffickers.

Grace House was born out of a desire to counter each of these deficits with stable resources for the most acutely vulnerable. Its goal is to bridge a past deprived of love and nurture with a hope built on tangible, sustainable human investment. 

Grace House is designed to do the more holistic, personally meaningful work of changing the prescribed

destinies of helpless children by providing surrogate family, life and vocational mentors, educational

accountability, socialization, help with apprenticeships and job placement, English and computer

acquisition skills, spiritual/moral development, volunteerism, counseling, food, clothing and shelter. is the website to learn more.

Simon Solar is also now contributing to Mercer On Mission and would like to help promote the various needs

that are being addressed around the world by this great organization.  Please visit this website

Mercer On Mission.  If you would like to contribute to these various opportunities then contact Mercer On Mission directly.

More to come soon on other outreach efforts to serve others in need and brighten our world.

The Sunray Foundation causes are funded by Simon Solar LLC and is established

to give support to help serve others in need and brighten lives around the world. 

This foundation is not set up as a 501C3 organization and therefore

we do not accept donations

If you would like to donate to a cause that the Sunray Foundation

is also involved in, then we encourage you to contact that organization directly.